"OneVoice uplifts the conversation on Israel-Palestine on campus, transforming the frustration of conflict into the power of cooperation."

Amitai Abuozaglo

Harvard University

“The conflict affects both Palestine and Israel, and people have suffered in so many ways. Through OneVoice, I’ve found people who are just as passionate about the conflict as I am, who see things from different angles, and together we’re better able to understand the realities.”

Madleen Naser

Roosevelt University

“It’s a wonderful learning opportunity academically, experientially, and socially. You get to connect with people from around the world and learn from people who have actually lived in the region and experienced the conflict, all while getting trained in skills that can be used in any career, political or otherwise.”

Mirabelle Moore-Weathers

Howard University

“So often, the two sides refuse to talk, and discussions devolve into arguments. OneVoice on Campus is inclusive to so many different opinions and voices that disagreements don’t prevent bridges from being built or agreements from being made.”

Aviv Lis

Georgetown University

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