OneVoice on Campus is a college program uniquely designed to empower and mobilize a community of solutions-oriented advocates to engage in a civil discourse on campus and promote a negotiated end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Students are equipped with the necessary skills to shift the culture of their own campuses by building a diverse coalition of partners and pushing back against rising cases of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, especially as it relates to conversations around the conflict. 


American students act in parallel with Palestinians and Israelis who work every day, each in their own communities, to bring about a better future for the region. Amidst the increasingly volatile political climate in which we live, OneVoice focuses on bringing about real change; we work to create real change makers rather than just noisemakers.


We offer students a way to join a global movement of activists — Palestinians, Israelis, Europeans, and Americans; Jews, Muslims, and Christians; religious and secular, liberal and conservative — working to resolve this conflict. OneVoice provides a space on campus that is otherwise hard to find; a place where students are invited to share and explore their own ideas and beliefs without feeling threatened or belittled. At OneVoice, we do not ask students to leave their opinions at the door; instead, we encourage them to bring their passion for these issues and contribute to the holistic environment we are seeking to cultivate. 


In fact, rather than encouraging students to “choose a side,” our diverse group of campus activists works to shift the debate away from a zero-sum approach to conflict resolution. Our solutions-oriented framework is values-based and sees diversity, whether in personal narrative or viewpoint, as a strength, not a weakness.

Our mission is to educate, train and empower students of diverse backgrounds to engage in constructive discourse and action around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


OneVoice on Campus is the OneVoice Movement’s flagship US program, working towards a long-term vision of a nationwide network committed to sustained civil discourse and action in support of the OneVoice Movement’s global vision of a lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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We are the only campus program exclusively focused on Israel and Palestine that recruits a diverse population of student activists — in terms of faith, culture, and political affiliation — in order to work together withing a solutions-oriented framework.

When you join OneVoice on Campus, you gain access to more than just domestic partners — you become part of a global network of activists and local leaders. OneVoice has regional partners in both Israel and Palestine, both of which are leading grassroots progressive movements on the ground.

OneVoice on Campus was founded amidst a highly polarized environment where the activism on US campuses has antagonized or alienated the student population at large. At OneVoice on Campus, we actively cultivate a diverse coalition of student activists interested in adopting a solutions-oriented framework, while also respecting those with differing views and backgrounds, allowing all participants to gain a more nuanced view.

At OneVoice on Campus, we focus on four key areas of activity: Education, Exposure to Multiple Narratives, Trainings, and Calls to Action. Learn more by clicking here.


Some recent examples student-led programming includes:

  • Tours of Wrestling Jerusalem and Disturbing the Peace, with screenings followed by interactive discussions with the actor/director.

  • Events highlighting an Israeli and a Palestinian activist each sharing their personal stories and their shared goal of conflict resolution.

  • Multi-faith panel events examining the question “What Makes the Holy Land Holy?” and highlighting the roots and common threads of all three Abrahamic religions.

  • A national student-led #AddYourVoice campaign, in which postcards were sent to their elected officials, followed by in-person meetings to highlight the need for conflict resolution.

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The OneVoice Movement is supported by the PeaceWorks Foundation, a Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

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